Late last week, Modularfield released Heat Haze, the latest LP from CHOGORI.

Made up of Düsseldorf musicians Ralf Stritt and Gregor Kerkmann, with drum performance by Martell Beigang, CHOGORI deliver engrossing electronic sound worlds, built from a range of analog synthesizers, bowed double bass, and Beigang’s drums. Hypnotic, powerful, and tense, Heat Haze is built around retro futuristic ideals, presenting seven tracks that touch on trip-hop, ambient, electronica, and techno, all the while maintaining a singular sonic vision.

In support of the LP, CHOGORI have offered up the album’s title track as one of today’s XLR8R downloads. “Heat Haze” is a perfect summation of CHOGORI’s sound, slowly unfolding across a six-and-half minute runtime with loose jazz-like rhythms, heavy bass, and a stunning array of score-like synth lines.

You can download “Heat Haze” below, with the album available here.

Due to temporary issues regarding the GDPR, EU readers can download the track here.