Is nouveau tech-house just electroclash writ large? This is but one of the many questions that the music of Class B Band (a.k.a. Beatmaster G and Bea Tricks, pictured above) initially provokes. Fresh on the scene, Wagon Repair recently released the group’s debut LP, Movie T, an effort which combined the sound palette of Visionquest with the detached swagger of Miss Kittin. Now, the duo is back with the Strange Wolves EP, a brand-new release scheduled to hit next week on My Favorite Robot Records. On offer from that record is “Chords & Knives (Darabi Remix),” which sees the duo applying its detached, techy aesthetic to the rhythms of nu-disco. Built on the bleak drone of slowly descending square wave pads, “Chords & Knives (Darabi Remix)” is as sharp in its atmospherics as its title implies.

Class B Band – Chords & Knives (Darabi Remix)

Chords & Knives (Darabi Remix)