Melbourne-based producer Christopher Port has shared his new track “DTF,” the first single off his forthcoming follow-up EP Everything In Quotes “LIGHT”—out via Future Classic / Pieater on August 3. “DTF” is a straight-up club track,” says Port. “Lots of kicks, nothing heavy, just lightness, eyes closed, bodies moving.”

The upcoming EP will be the second and final installment of the Everything In Quotes releases. The releases are named after a concept by Virgil Abloh, inspired by fashion, streetwear, club culture, aiming to remove the “who-did-it-first” mentality some people have in regards to art—instilling a sense of irony, removing all dogma and generally not taking things so seriously. The tracks on both records are meant to momentarily fill a space and then disappear, leaving a sense of lightness/darkness to varying degrees and in whichever way the listener wants.”

“DTF” is out now, with a download available below ahead of Everything In Quotes “LIGHT”’s August 3 release via Future Classic/Pieater—or here for EU readers due to temporary GDPR restrictions.