With 10 Bandcamp VAs now under its belt, UK-based DIY musical collective Loose Lips will release its first solo EP, Circula‘s Thought Reel.

The intricately produced release, which runs the gamut from dub to spoken word and electronica, finds the label returning to the artist that evidently kicked off the label’s first VA. Thought Reel is a conceptual collection of thought-provoking cuts and feelings, as explained by Circula:

‘Welcome to the thought reel. It is, like everything, the collection and ultimate regurgitation of ideas, sounds, and feelings. As a listener, you are welcome to see a thread and a direction through the music, or not. You will also meet, probably for the first time, a guy called Zaphod. It is a privilege to have him involved with this EP and hopefully it will be the first of many collaborations with him.’

Thought Reel is available via the Loose Lips Bandcamp page as a limited edition cassette and digital EP. To celebrate the release, the collective have offered up a bonus cut titled “Nothing Can Compare” as a free download via WeTransfer below.

Nothing Can Compare