BD1982 (a.k.a. Brian Durr) is a busy man; in addition to being a fixture of Tokyo’s club scene, he runs the Tokyo-based label Diskotopia and is a full-fledged member of Starkey’s Seclusiasis crew. Almost a year since his last release, a split EP with co-Diskotopia head A Taut Line, Durr has put out a new record via Paris-based label B.YRSELF Division, entitled Iron Trees. This slab of vinyl, which was released on June 5, includes seven original offerings, as well as remixes by Greeen Linez and Qoso. One of the record’s highlights is “Cities,” a tropically tinged track driven by the interplay of garbled vocal samples and some immense, tumbling percussion. You can stream the entirety of BD1982’s Iron Trees EP after the jump.