Encompassing heart-wrenching melodies, ethereal vocals and soaring string arrangements, Seelie—the new album by CLANN—is a beautiful accomplishment.

In 2013, Sebastian McKinnon and his brother and business partner Benjamin created KIN Fables, a grand-scale multimedia project, with a special focus on music and film. McKinnon directed, produced and composed the music for the trilogy of short films: “Kin” (2013), “Salvage” (2015), and “Requiem” (2015). The trilogy won several awards worldwide,

The soundtracks of the films were compiled on the KIN Fables album, packaged with several other tracks by McKinnon, and released independently on Bandcamp, under the name CLANN, a moniker inspired by the relationships made between the musicians and collaborators of the KIN Fables project.

McKinnon frequently works with Canadian singer/songwriter Charlotte Oleena, whose voice has become the inseparable soul of the project. Another frequent collaborator is French violinist Chloe Picard, providing heart-wringing string performances to McKinnon’s blend of downtempo beats and orchestral arrangements.

On Seelie, their latest LP, they have refined their sound, while not losing touch with their cinematic arrangements and airy vocals. Influences are many and varied and can occasionally be picked out, from the Sigur Ros-like grandeur of “Once Again” or the Burial-esque shuffle and crackle of “Dark Angel,” but these are always drawn with CLANN’S own strokes, fleetingly reminiscent but always maintaining its own haunting aesthetic.

Seelie, a 10-track release, is available now, with “Once Again” exclusively available for download via the WeTransfer button below.