Inversions 001 kicked off Power Vacuum‘s sub-label, Inversions. Inversions, although similar to Power Vacuum with its focus on driving, kinetic music of an exploratory and divergent nature, will employ a more live-based approach. For example, Inversions 001 features an array of varied cuts from label friends, taking in electro-kraut, psych-punk, and lo-fi beat-driven outings.

The label’s ethos is best heard via label founders Milo Smee and Thomas Franklin, who present a track under the Clean & Jerk alias. Like the above mission statement, “Silhouette du Barry,” which is offered as today’s XLR8R download, is a psychedelic ride through loose rhythms and bent synth lines—an out-there instrumental from the future.

Inversions 001 can be picked up from the label’s Bandcamp page, with “Silhouette du Barry” available via WeTransfer below.

Silhouette du BarryClean & Jerk: ‘Silhouette du Barry’Silhouette du Barry