Last month, 8MANA released their first compilation, Sorry Julia.

The launch of the label follows a productive few years for one of the founders Phrixus, with releases dropping on Eat My Beat, [Re]Sources, Circular Jaw, Saucy Music, Perfect and Drive Music. For his label’s first VA, Phrixus goes deep and explores a range of styles taking in broken beat, bass, grime, and more from the likes of MOEGLI, Tomwynne, DULAHLI, Zealey, Clerk 37, Zaab, and, of course, Phrixus himself.

In support of the label launch and the release of Sorry Julia, Phrixus has offered up Clerk 37’s cut “Guilty Conscience” as today’s XLR8R download. A perfect introduction to the wild and varied world of 8MANA, “Guilty Conscience” begins with warm and trippy jazz-like chords and percussion before dropping into a bass-heavy groove halfway through.

You can pick up “Guilty Conscience” via WeTransfer below, with the Sorry Julia available here.

Guilty Conscience