The Norwegian duo of Erik Skodvin and Otto Totland (collectively known as Deaf Center) impressed connoisseurs of deep, ambient instrumental music back in 2005 with its Pale Ravine LP, but the pair has scarcely been heard from since. Finally resurfacing with a new LP, Owl Splinters, earlier this year, Deaf Center has reinstated its reputation for crafting slow, melodic sonic landscapes, trading in the partially lo-fi aesthetic of previous works for a much richer, studio-quality sound. Credited as cellist and pianist, Skodvin and Totland do much more than simply play cello and piano on “Close Forever Watching,” as both musicians emote dark textures from their respective instruments while utilizing electronics to conjure long drones that flow together into one massively epic movement. For those interested in seeing/hearing Deaf Center perform its majestic compositions live, the Norwegians will be making a rare US appearance this month on April 7 as part of the Beyond the Dark series for the New York edition of the Unsound Festival (full details here).

Close Forever Watching