Vienna-based producer Zanshin came up with his moniker while studying Japanese culture. The term roughly means “a relaxed altertness,” or as the producer puts it, focusing on details while not losing sight of the larger picture. “Cloud Atlas” seems to embody this philosophy, with a series of rapid synth staccatos frantically interweaving into a myriad of beat structures. The mix becomes so thick and busy with sounds that it becomes nearly impossible to focus on one element at a time, making it easier to enjoy the overall energetic mood that Zanshin created on his track. “Cloud Atlas” is taken from his forthcoming Swings & Roundabouts EP, which will drop through Affine on March 13. Before then, you can preview the EP’s tracklist, as well as preview more of its sounds, after the jump.

01 Low End Fairy
02 Chance Ain ?t Counting The Daze
03 Cloud Atlas
04 Summer Night Steam
05 Esmeralda The Swift

Cloud Atlas