Have we just reached the bonus round in Super Mario? No, those twinkling electronics you hear are just the love-laced experimental world of Ernest Gonzales. His album, Lullaby, is just that–a dreamy dedication to his unborn daughter, Sophia. “2004 was a year of much change and transition in my life… I fell in love with the woman that would become my wife, and not too much longer after that, we found out we were going to have a baby,” he said in a press release. Having ditched his former DJ name, Theory of Everything (and the hip-hop style that went with it), Gonzales has arrived at a much more innocent place.

Lullaby was originally released in the summer of 2004 on limited edition 3” CDs. Now, Gonzales is digitally re-releasing the album on Oct. 21, through Exponential, as well as throwing in a few remixes by friends such as Mexicans with Guns, Zoon van snooK, Cook 1132, and Production Unit Zero. Lulu McAllister

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