Los Angeles-based electronic artist Clovis XIV will release his debut EP, Golden Hours, on January 27, 2017.

The project was born out of flames. Though Clovis XIV had already performed as a drummer in bands such as Sna-fu Grand Désordre Orchestre and Mustard Pimp, the Parisian was prompted to launch a solo project when he lost his house in Versailles to a fire. Rather than wallow in this disaster, he took a Roland Groovebox—recovered from the wreck of his home—and began his new career. Still, his history as a drummer can be heard in the rhythmic beats he creates as Clovis XIV.

Clovis XIV now prepares to release his debut EP, Golden Hours—and has shared “Sunset” as a free download in advance of the EP’s January 27 release.

“Sunset” is downloadable via the WeTransfer button below.