Last month, Lemon Test kicked off its discography with a four-track EP from Club Mayz.

Titled Tristique, the EP precedes a set of fresh material from Guy Nicki, K, and more, which is set to drop throughout the year, and follows the Berlin-based label’s podcast series, which has featured guests such as John Osborn, Christopher Breuer, and Simon Caldwell over the last year. Musically, the EP flows through a range of atmospheres, from the groove-led “Alone and Unafraid” to the melancholic vibe of closing cut, “Zero Expectations.”

In support of the release, Lemon Test has sent over an exclusive remix from Iron Curtis and Leaves, who twist the titled track into an atmospheric house cut with a rolling groove.

Tristique is out now and can be grabbed here, with the remix available below.

Tristique (Iron Curtis & Leaves SMPL Mix)