The elusive South West England producer known as Microburst has just released his debut EP, Hadal Lagoon, on vinyl via Svetlana Industries (digital arrives on September 3). Although the artist is a relative newcomer to the world of electronic music, his tunes have already garnered big support, including a feature in Calvin Klein’s Spring/Summer 2012 campaign. Despite the commercial success, Microburst is a producer who stays true to his artistic inclinations, with music naturally inspired by the oceanside he calls home. Featured here, Hadal Lagoon‘s lead tune, “Clutch,” opens with soft, distant vocals coupled with the sounds of a rippling tide and strange effects that transport you into a futuristic sea storm. Slowly but surely, the production forms into a fully fledged groove propelled by a thick, sixteenth-note bass line, which is contrasted by soft, female vocals drenched in oceanic reverb. You can preview more of Microburst’s forthcoming EP before it’s downloadable, after the jump.