With the majority of dance-music producers dropping tunes mostly as singles and EPs, it’s refreshing to come across something slightly different. Just yesterday, London bass producer Spatial released a pair of self-titled records called the Spatial Sessions. The tunes were apparently produced as part of a forthcoming interactive graphic novel, which helps explain why certain tracks are labeled with a parenthetical “Chapter 1” or “Chapter 2” after the track name. It’s also fitting because of the nature of the music. Ranging from eerie, cinematic tones to club-ready and off-kilter bass jams, the collection of tunes are definitely telling a story as they grow, evolve, and move towards an end point. “Cog Diss” is one of the more dancefloor-friendly tracks off of EP2, yet its syncopated feel and diverse synth melodies lend a more conflicting vibe to Spatial’s production. You can check out both parts of Spatial Sessions after the jump.

Cog Diss

Cog Diss Dancer