Arizona’s Yojimbo Billions is set to release his debut for the burgeoning Waaga imprint next month and has shared this cold, undulating cut from the forthcoming Our Bodies Are Machines LP (artwork above) before its release on November 15. Interaction between humans and machines seems to be a bit of a fascination for the young producer, a fact evident not only in his album’s title, but also in his brief biography (which goes so far as to claim he was visited by a robot who told him to make music) and, of course, in the way his productions come together. Combining some extensive musical training (including the study of musical theory in college) with his computer-based compositions, the Phoenix resident creates music that really only lightly bubbles at the surface, but, for those willing to pay attention, brims with detail and sophistication below.

Collapsed Unloaded

Collapsed, Unloaded