Back in September of last year, XLR8R released “Here I Am” feat. Synthia, an emotive, beat-driven cut by a little-known group called COLOM81AN. The track proved to be one of the most popular downloads that month and also made the top 50 downloads of 2016.

As a follow up to “Here I Am,” COLOM81AN have offered up new cut “Closer” as today’s XLR8R download. Like the track before it, “Closer” also features the vocal stylings of Synthia and is another dreamy, melancholic outing. According to the artists behind the project, “Closer” is “really all about a journey, not only sonically, but also as a feel.” Fittingly, the track is set to the visuals of Apollo 13, further extending the track’s theme of hope and perseverance.

You can download “Closer” feat. Synthia via WeTransfer below.

Closer feat. Synthia