Geographical proximity and recent label-sharing aside, it’s no wonder Eskmo is Amon Tobin’s kindred production partner; everything the Bay Area tunesmith and recent Ninja Tune signee creates just sounds amazing. Even on his b-sides, like “Come Back” from the Cloudlight EP, preciously crafted organic textures writhe and squirm underneath smashing rhythms made of an amalgam of living samples and field recordings—the total number of which only producer Brendan Angelides is likely to know. Couple that with the song’s swelling synth melodies and Eskmo’s disembodied rasp, and you’ve got a production many music makers would love to include on their proper full-length. Angelides’ debut self-titled album drops on October 19, but if you feel so inclined to catch him before that, check out his upcoming tour dates here.

Come Back