It’s been a while since West Coast programmer/producer Mike Gao appeared on XLR8R; his last mention was in our Gear section, when we checked out the Polyplayground app for iPad. However, his musical chops sound has honed as ever, and are in full effect on his latest self-released record, Beta World Peace. “Comin’ Off That High” is a tune lifted from that album, one that aptly sums up Gao’s playful, beat-driven sound. For someone who has to constantly work within the rigid confines of coding, the producer’s new track is anything but rigid: “Coming Off That High” is a ghetto-tinged, bass-heavy jam filled with payful 8-bit FX and Brotha Lynch samples. And if you’re feeling this one, be sure to check out the rest of Beta World Peace over on Gao’s Bandcamp page, here.

Comin’ Off That High