Californian artist Dean Grenier, who produces simply as Grenier, has been steadily churning out his own take on dubstep-leaning bass music for a few years now—Voids, his series of free Bandcamp releases, exhibited a rare abilty to span genres while retaining an individualistic voice. Following official releases for Symbols, Tectonic, and others in 2012, Grenier has teamed with upstart label Kinky Beggar to release a handpicked selection of tracks taken from his three Voids installments. “Complicated,” one of the offering’s previously unreleased productions, finds the artist milking a deep, heady house beat that shifts gears halfway through, melting into a viscous transition which leads to a sinister, arpeggio-fueled dream sequence before crescendoing again. It makes for a great addition to Grenier’s older tracks, all of which will be digitally re-released with fresh mastering on September 30.