Brooklyn producer Brad Loving (a.k.a. Lobisomem) is one of those guys who is anything but married to a single style or sound. Lazy journalists might just slap the IDM tag on him and call it a day, but that glosses over Loving’s extreme attention to detail and ability to fold together minute slabs of audio from varied genres, influences, and even continents. On September 14 he’ll be releasing Onze Pedras, his full-length follow-up to the Brightest Solids EP that came out earlier this year. “Concussus” is the only snippet we’ve heard so far, but it appears that Loving’s desire to elegantly combine sounds from across the musical spectrum remains unabated. Utilizing a sparse casio beat that could have been borrowed from the Morr Music catalog, Loving brings in a warbling trumpet, crackling bits of static, finely chopped vocal snippets, and slowly boiling synth swells before the track’s four minutes come to an end. Let’s hope that the rest of Onze Pedras contains similarly unique recipes.

01 Concussus