Earlier this year, Australian four-piece Confidence Man released their latest single, “Bubblegum” on Heavenly Recordings. It was a fittingly colorful track from an act that have built their name from energetic live sets and tracks full of an unbridled sense of fun.

Now, the band have unveiled a slow-burning remix from Jono Ma of Jagwar Ma. The remix follows Andrew Weatherall’s acid-soaked interpretation with a psychedelic mix of tripped-out percussion and body-moving bass, with a healthy dose of cowbell added in for good measure, as Jono Ma explains:

“The original has all the peaks and troughs of a late ’90s breaks banger a la Fatboy Slim. Lord Sabre had already acidified the funk on his version, so I felt it was my duty to focus in on the more subtle body rubbing elements of the track; namely the bongos, the bassline, and all those bubble pops. Annoyingly, I was late submitting the remix, it took me weeks to realise the track still needed more cowbell! I’m an eeeediot!”

You can download the remix via WeTransfer below.

Bubblegum (Jono Ma More Cowbell Mix)