Ibiza-based Juan Corbi is no stranger to the European house music scene. As an A&R man at FINA Records, former director and programmer at Pioneer DJ Radio, and a seasoned pro on the decks with DJ crew Melon Bomb, Corbi has worked for over a decade on both sides of the club experience. In addition, since his recent relocation to the Balearic sphere, the multitalented figure has been quietly honing his own production chops.

With a forthcoming release on Anna Wall‘s most recent label undertaking, The Bricks, Juan will add an original house anthem of his own to an expansive resume. In conjunction with The Bricks, Corbi has offered up a dub of his first venture for today’s download. Entitled “Cosmo,” Corbi’s Ibiza influences are made clear with a mellowed-out, deep house excursion through his tropical surroundings.

Grab it via WeTransfer below.

Cosmo (Dub)