Mike Wall, the newest face on <a href=”Hidden Recordings, has just dropped his first record for the label, a five-song EP titled Out of Fire. “Cosmic Kick,” the final song on the EP, is a slice of locked-in techno, featuring a big, four-on-the-floor kick, synth stabs, a circling bass line, and driving percussion. The resulting combination is a bouncing dancefloor number with an unyielding punch. After the jump, take a look at a teaser video for Out of Fire, which came out last week on vinyl, with a digital release to follow this week and spy the 12″ artwork and tracklisting.

01 Out of Fire (Original)
02 Out of Fire (Xhin Remix)
03 Expecting Different (Original)
04 Expecting Different (Splatter Remix)
05 Cosmic Kick (Digital Bonus)

Cosmic Kick