John Kowalski and Rian Trench have sent us “Cosmic Runner,” the second track to leak from their sophomore album as Solar Bears, Supermigration, a record with no official home or release date as of yet. The tune features dreamy pads and a compressed, ’90s-style hip-hop beat cascading under a suite of saturated arpeggiations as it progresses through a variety of twists and turns. Anchored by a tough bassline, “Cosmic Runner” is an interesting new direction for Solar Bears, whose technicolor sound has been molded into a more foreboding context in comparison to the duo’s 2010 debut for Planet Mu, She Was Coloured In. You can also check out the first track the Dublin duo shared from Supermigration, “Alpha People” (which features Keep Shelly In Athens vocalist Sarah P.), after the jump.

Cosmic Runner