On February 1, Berlin’s Cosmin TRG released the ambient album Hope This Finds You Well with his label Fizic. This latest work is a result of research conducted over the ways streaming platforms create and tailor playlists suited to boost labor efficiency in the corporate world, releasing a dozen freeform and sequenced ambient pieces to contrast the intended effects found in his research. 

The music was captured between the end of 2018 and the beginning of this year, utilizing synthesis, sampling, tone generation, and field recordings. The visceral and dynamic pieces serve as a precursor to another album that will launch later this year. 

Cosmin TRG further elaborated on the concept of the album to Resident Advisor, stating: “These playlists try to hijack your brain and trick it to do corporate stuff: survive a passive aggressive email chain, write a better Keynote, etc. I took corporate vernacular and tried to spin it, which in turn inspired these pieces that oppose tones, drones, and field recordings to create contrast. I think the end result is an observation more than a solution, and hope it inspires reflection.” 

In support of the album out now, XLR8R is offering up a download of album closer “Furthermore” via the player below, or here for EU readers due to GDPR restrictions


01. Front Desk Optimization Ritual

02. Romantic Slackbot Presentation

03. Insouciant Change Agent

04. Executive Eventide Deck

05. Dynamic Elevator Coup

06. Paradigm Shift ASAP

07. Viral Synergy Delivarable

08. Awesome Looking Forward

09. Better Healthier Computer

10. Holistic Watercooler Prototype

11. Upscale Scalability, Implemented

12. Furthermore