Following Cottam’s acclaimed I Can’t Carry On EP, which marked the inaugural release on FatCat Records’ new electronic sub-label FCR, the highly rated DJ-producer’s new 12” drops on March 16, also via FCR.

“Locked in The Groove” is a groovy, boogie chugger, which powerfully ebbs and flows over nearly 11 minutes, and “Dreaming Of Another Place” is all dark ‘n’ heady eastern atmospherics, whilst “Sample Heavy Dub” is a journey into majestic dub-house.

An avid participant in Preston’s early rave scene, Paul Cottam inevitably pursued DJing, progressing to warm up slots for his techno heroes Surgeon and Regis. Tentative steps into production using Ableton were met with such encouragement that Cottam’s debut releases began to appear.

A set of four untitled, unmarketed, and unpromoted vinyl self-releases created an organic stir with record collectors, attentive journalists, and DJs including Moodyman, Gerd Janson, and Soul Clap. This buzz was helped in part by speculation on his identity but was primarily due to his simple yet effective, flavour-filled, and groovy tracks that blurred the boundaries between re-edits, reworks, and originals, moving between slow-mo chug and more straight-up house, whilst encompassing elements of disco, hip-hop, nu-soul, and afrobeat.

Since then Cottam’s reputation has steadily grown, with vinyl releases for Story, Wolf, Aus, Use Of Weapons, Sound Of Speed, Ruff Draft and Versatile, plus remixes for Pattern Select on Delusions of Grandeur and Last Waltz on Endless Flight.


01. Locked In The Groove
02. Sample Heavy Dub
03. Dreaming Of Another Place

Ahead of the EP’s March release, you can download “Dreaming Of Another Place” via the WeTransfer button below.

Dreaming Of Another Place