Another artist recently inducted to the ever-growing Pictures Music roster is Liverpool’s Dauwd, who just shared a two-track digital single before his first EP drops in a few months. “Could it Be” is the most upbeat of the pair, and exhibits the producer’s washed-out style of heartfelt bass music. Evoking the likes of Four Tet and Joy Orbison, Dauwd employs a host of unique synth tones for his soulful melodies, a thick bath of warbling ambiance for his otherworldly moods, and a tasteful bassline to groove along with his bouncing dance beat. Especailly when paired with pitched-down vocal samples, those sounds may not seem terribly novel, but the English artist has a subtle way of making them very much is own. You can also grab the b-side to “Could it Be”—the mellower “Shimmer”—for free, over here.

Could it Be