Next month, Crewdson will release his sophomore LP, TOYS, via Slowfoot Records.

TOYS arrives five years on from his debut album, Gravity, which garnered the UK artist wide-spread acclaim with its inventive ideas and inspired sound design. Much of Crewdson’s singular sound can be attributed to his musical inventions: weird and wonderful hardware instruments such as The Odd Box, The Concertronica, The Eggiophone, and The Sonic Bonnet. Via these vehicles, Crewdson crafts skewed sonics that, frankly, boggle the mind; although, somehow, his music is as accessible as it is weird. On TOYS, Crewdson presents a matured sound, one that fuses pop elements with tumbling rhythms and mind-bending sound design.

Crewdson is also set to perform alongside Bambooman for their joint album launch party on August 10 at Total Refreshment Centre, London. With Crewdson’s idiosyncratic live setup of self-built instruments and Bambooman’s distinctive sonic pallet, it looks set to be an evening of palpable auditory treats.

In support of the event and TOYS, Crewdson has offered up the Sultan Shakes remix of the album’s closing cut, “Children,” which refits the laid-back original with a club-based framework for five minutes of colorful beats.

You can pre-order TOYShere.

Children (Sultan Shakes Remix)