Although Denver may not have the most renowned reputation as a haven for electronic music producers, it’s hard to argue that the city has been producing some unique sonic adventurers as of late, including one Drew Englander, who has been crafting his brand of hybrid electro-pop under the name R E A L M A G I C in Colorado’s capitol city for a few years now. Here we have the cleverly titled “Crip Tics,” one of two tracks available as a free single from the Heart Music imprint, and on it we find Englander running through a smattering of ideas with a string of dusty, sun-drenched melodies to hold it all together. Complete with blistering, pseudo-IDM drums, Englander’s own vocal manipulations, and even a bit of playful wobble, “Crip Tics” is a nice primer to his hybrid approach, which seems to incorporate a bit of everything from Leaving Records-style tape music, blissful chillwave, and any number of club-friendly, bass-centric stylings. After taking a listen to the track below you can head here to grab a free download of “No Things Left,” the other track to be had on on R E A L M A G I C’s new single.

crip tics