If you ever needed any more reassurance that the future is already here, we present to you Ruckazoid‘s new track, “Crush.” The track begins with a loop that sounds like the warning tone on a spaceship notifying the crew it’s time to “man their battle stations,” an apt intro to the spacey pads and lazer-arps that get transformed throughout “Crush.” The fuzzy bass and boom-bap drums give the track an aggressive edge, making it the ideal soundtrack to the future gang wars and lazer-gun drive-bys that will surely become a reality when we start colonizing other planets and such. “Crush” is one side of the “Crush” b/w “All City” 12″ available November 8 from Ireland’s All City Records. And for those who need more Ruckazoid than one track can offer, check out his site/digital music club Listen + Compute where members get full digital access to over 200 songs along with instrumentals, accapellas, stems, and remixes. Told you the future was here.