Following in the footsteps of electronic music composers primarily interested in the effects of precious, emotive sounds (i.e. Four Tet, Gold Panda, Styrofoam, et al) is 19-year-old tunesmith Spencer Radcliffe from Athens, Ohio, who’s been crafting that sort of music for some time under the name Blithe Field. His latest offering is an LP called Two Hearted (pictured above), the first track of which we have for you here. “Crushing” starts off with the sounds of barking puppies—running the risk of sounding entirely too cute, even for adolescent school girls—before quickly segueing into a tasteful groove of live drumming, tweaked acoustic guitar samples, bass melodies, and subtle electronics. More cutesy samples and poignant soundscapes appear before Blithe Field’s album opener is finished—leaving us oddly intrigued as to what other heart-on-sleeve tracks we’ll hear when Two Hearted is made available on June 28 via Lefse sister label Waaga.