In the six months since Germany’s Essáy put out his proper debut single, Morning Mountain, via the budding Glyph label, the 21-year-old producer born Simon Schilling has proven himself to be a skilled purveyor of what he calls “emotional electronic music.” He’s since dropped the free Distance & Lights EP via Cut, and now, he’s following it up with a new offering. Crying At Day/Night is due out on August 20, and features this “Alternate Edit” of one of the title tracks. On this track, Essáy’s self-proclaimed term for his musical style rings true without a hint of pretension; the production really is heavily steeped in feeling. As soaring, beautifully textured synths swirl overhead and slowly swoop down to envelop the mix, resonant claps propel the stomping beat forward into a realm far beyond descriptors such as “chill.”

Crying At Day (Alternate Edit)