Just when you thought we couldn’t come up with any more downloads from Montreal’s preeminent purveyor of icy dream-pop, this little gem surfaced just before it was too late. In our defense, this take on Grimes‘s “Crystal Ball” from Babe Rainbow—another Canadian producer of somehow simultaneously dark-yet-sparkling tunes—is really good, we promise. Mellowing the tune out quite a bit, it almost sounds like Babe Rainbow (pictured above) shoved the entire original track into a Casio keyboard before chopping up Grimes’ pixie-ish (not the band, the mythical creature) vocals and piling layers of glorious noise atop the delicately percolating toms and claps. Just as enchanting as the original, but in an entirely new fashion—what more could you ask for? (via FADER)

Crystal Ball (Babe Rainbow Remix)