You wouldn’t think there’s a price to be paid for releasing a widely loved, breakout album, but it’s true. Anyone and everyone wants to (and will) remix its songs for far too long after its release, to the point of nausea-inducing repetition that’s enough to almost make you dislike the original music. It’s certainly happened to the UK’s The xx, who’ve suffered through their fair share of remix clunkers, but we’re happy to let this new take on the band’s “Crystalized” tune slide by without too much chagrin. The funky disco-house producer behind the remix, fellow Brit Jamie Jones, hooked up The xx’s trademark boy/girl vocal duet with a thick dance groove and bouncing bassline that nicely suit the pair’s mellow cooing. Jones’ minimal production mirrors the aesthetic of the original “Crystalized,” and ends up overshadowing all of the other interpretations of the song we’ve heard over the past year.

Crystalised (Jamie Jones’ Booty Mix)