Over the last few years, Cesar Urbina has dropped more than a handful of standout cuts as Cubenx via XLR8R‘s MP3 section; to put it simply, we love his music. While at the Cannes film festival, Urbina met London-based DJ and producer Neil Quigley, who, after a few weeks, proposed to do a remix of Urbina’s “Mercurial,” the title track of his 2014 EP on Infiné.

For his remix, Quigley switches the original bass for a deeper, evolving Moog-style bass, taking the track into deeper dancefloor territory—a rework that falls in line with Quigley’s REfINE, the imprint he runs together with German tech-house pioneers Terry Lee Brown Junior and The Timewriter.

You can download the remix via the link below.

Mercurial (Neil Quigley Re-Think)