Back in November, the fledgling Lobster Theremin label introduced London-based talent Rob Hare (a.k.a. Snow Bone) with the announcement of his debut EP Remote Viewer, which has just been released. Though not featured on that record, this remix of EP cut “Cubic” from Steve Murphy (pictured above)—who has his own record for Lobster Theremin on the way, called Relax—meshes well with Snow Bone’s sparse interpretation of classic house sounds. Staunch claps help build a lurching groove with a metallic racket filling out the edges of the mix. Each of Murphy’s instruments sound weathered and degraded, making good on his “Dirt Mix” title as rounded percussion clusters underneath sturdy dancefloor beats. The minimal aesthetic of Snow Bone’s original “Cubic” track has been effectively turned into a loaded and dynamic experience.

Cubic (Steve Murphy’s Dirty Mix)