With producers like Sheffield’s Timbah around, no R&B vocals are safe. To his credit, Timbah does find some interesting spots to fit the slices of chopped falsetto on “Cuckoo Clock,” a cut from the his debut EP, Can’t Love Without You (artwork above). The man’s hyper-detailed production seems to build walls around these R&B snippets, piecing giant kick drums, perfectly quantized percussion, and warm, glowing chords together as if they were ready-made, interlocking pieces. It’s this impressively exact production quality that really makes the tune a rewarding listen, pulling touchstones of the post-dubstep world—in particular, James Blake-style chords and sultry re-pitched vocals—into a bit of new territory. After giving “Cuckoo Clock” a listen, you can stream a preview of Timbah’s debut EP, which is out now, if you follow the jump.

01 Can’t Love Without You
02 Eski-Hugz
03 Cuckoo Clock

Cuckoo Clock