Curved Light is the project of Peter Tran, an Austin-based artist who honed his skill in the D.C./Baltimore experimental rock bands Hume and Les Rhinocéros. Tran’s two current projects, Curved Light and the collaborative project HD Sunrise—alongside Wilson Kemp—trade in visceral, psychedelic sound experiments—music to awaken the mind.

The latest tape to land under the Curved Light moniker is Prismatic / Loomstate, a 14-track excursion in left-field sonics. The tape’s A side, Prismatic, focuses on using analog synthesizers, guitars, and effect processors to explore new texture in somewhat familiar territory. On the flipside, Loomstate, Tran explores the complex possibilities of the modular synthesizer for a heady trip into swirling electronics.

In support of the forthcoming tape—which will land on Baltimore label Gentle Reminder on August 5—XLR8R has been gifted “Undercurrent / Overlook,” a cut that twists and cascades beautifully across its three-minute runtime. You can download “Undercurrent / Overlook” via WeTransfer below, with the tape available for preorder here.

Undercurrent / Overlook