CW/A are producers Thomas Feriero and Francesco Leali, known for their releases and remixes on Parachute, R&S, Decca and Vakant, their work as Avatism, Clockwork and Opus 3000. They’ve also been running Parachute alongside DJ Tennis since 2013.

They’re soon set to release Ringleader, their first original productions since their debut full-length, last year’s Words Unspoken, Acts Undone. Inspired by global trends towards Orwellian mass surveillance and cyber espionage, Ringleader is said to aim to be “an audible interpretation of big data, ubiquitous connections and the acceptance of corporate and government spying.” Ringleader will drop on December 16.


A1. BlatSting
2/A2. EligibleCandidate
3/A3. HiddenTemple
4/B1. ContainmentGrid
5/B2. 1212/DEHEX
6/B3. BPatrol

In addition to this, they’ve summoned Parachute label-mate Metrist (fresh from his debut LP on Opal Tapes) and Italian Werkdiscs associates Simbiosi for two gritty reworks of extracts from Words Unspoken, Acts Undone album.


01. Disquieting (Metrist Remix)
02. Rainer Has No Shadow (Simbiosi Remix)

Ahead of the remix EP’s October 14 release, the Metrist remix is available to download in full via we WeTransfer button below.

Disquieting (Metrist remix)