Classic Detroit techno seems to be enjoying a healthy revival through the productions of a new breed of UK-based producers. Hardly a form of nostalgia worship, this new music takes the sound palette of Detroit techno and then combines it with the aesthetics of dubstep and UK funky. For example, take Zoltan‘s recent remix of “D-Transition,” a new track on Graphics‘ latest EP, Wiping the Eye, out October 3 on the brand-new Granholme imprint. A case study in the Detroit-UK crossover, Zoltan’s remix substitutes in a menacing Cybotron bassline, droney sawtooth leads, and a crisp, hi-hat-dominated drum pattern for the original’s pounding UK funky rhythm. It’s not a total overhaul, as Zoltan retains a clean production aesthetic and peppers the track with a chopped-up take on the original’s vocal hook. Speaking of Graphics originals, you might also want to check “Fine Yarn,” which we posted for download last month.

D Transition (Zoltan Remix)