Hailing from Queens, NYC, DADRAS is an adventurous new artist whose aims lie somewhere between the worlds of textured electronics and experimental hip-hop. On his forthcoming record for the Connect label, RUBAIYAT I, DADRAS takes his craft in no less than nine different directions, with one resulting in the production featured here, “Mormon Disco.” Perhaps the record’s most straightforward effort, “Mormon Disco” begins as a ghostly take on streetwise beatmkaing, its bobbing kicks and stuttering hats providing the undercurrent for a series of singed bell melodies and floating chords. Gradually, DADRAS diverts from the path, piece-by-piece morphing the tune into an altogether more twisted piece of boom-bap as it progresses. Set to arrive on March 30, a teaser video for DADRAS’ RUBAIYAT I outing can be watched below, where the free download of the NYC up-and-comer’s “Mormon Disco” production can also be found.

Mormon Disco