Dadub, a project founded in Italy in 2008 by Daniele Antezza, is dedicated to combining sound design and audio synthesis experimentation with the aesthetic and musical heritage of bass music and dub.

Following the first period of activity in the copyleft/creative commons community with the label A Quiet Bump, in 2009 Daniele moved to Berlin where he began a collaboration with Giovanni Conti. They founded Artefacts Mastering Studio and, under the aegis of Dadub, collaborated with the groundbreaking label StroboscopicArtefacts, profoundly influencing the label aesthetics and musical output. Their collaboration reached its peak in 2013 with the release of You Are Eternity, their debut album as Dadub that brought much acclaim.

In the past three years, Daniele and Giovanni shifted their focus onto individual projects, until 2017 when Daniele left Artefacts Mastering and founded his own production and mastering studio, the brand new Dadub Studio. Moreover, staying true to the collaborative nature which has always characterized the project, Dadub is being re-launched as a collaborative venture between Daniele and Marco Donnarumma, renowned Berlin-based sound artist, performer, and producer, previously appearing as Kuoyah with the labels Frijsfo Beats and Combat Recordings.

Inspired by contemporary philosophy, science fiction, sound design and the material forces of low-frequency sounds, Daniele and Marco have been evolving the signature Dadub sound into what they call “Post-Apocalyptic Dub.” Working together for over a year now, they have accumulated three yet-to-be-released EPs and are preparing a new live set. To celebrate the new incarnation of Dadub, they decided to offer for free the first unreleased Dadub track after four years of absence from the scene. Entitled “Rain On The Earth,” the track offers (more than) a glimpse of what is to be expected by the forward-thinking duo, and is available as a free download below.

Rain On The Earth

Photo: Margherita Pevere