The versatile and seasoned DJ/Producer Dan Mela further demonstrates his musical expertise with the release of his newest EP, Drive Me Crazy. Released through his own imprint, What Ever Not, Mela recruited the help of Lady Blacktronica, true deep house legend, to provide some genuinely stunning and classic sounding vocals for the EP. The coupling of these two adept musicians is a match made in heaven, bringing a serious old school Detroit sound to the production. Using vintage synth drones to pilot the track, “Drive Me Crazy (Dope Mix)” is peppered with Chicago house piano chords and features a profusion of busy percussion and drum patterns. In addition to this, Lady Blacktronica‚Äôs vocals are simply sublime and bring the old-school house feel of the track to the forefront. You can download “Drive Me Crazy (Dope Mix)” for free below, and check out the rest of the Dan Mela & Lady Blacktronika Drive Me Crazy EP here.

Drive Me Crazy (Dope_Mix)