What’s beautiful about Teengirl Fantasy‘s original “Dancing in Slow Motion” is that, for a song borne of a gritty, DIY, electronic dance music ethos, it packs a whole lot of emotional punch on both the lyrical and musical fronts, and keenly harks back to a time when dance producers gave a shit about telling a story through song (our hats tipped to Shannon’s “Let the Music Play,” and the whole of ’80s Miami freestyle). Problem is, you can’t actually dance to it. So in steps remixer extraordinaire Brenmar (a.k.a. Bill Salas, pictured above, who also provided us with this week’s killer podcast) to change all that. Not only does Salas give Light Asylum front lady Shannon Funchess’ harrowing, heartrending vocals the full-on diva treatment they deserve (worthy of that other dance queen Shannon) but he also kicks the beat up a notch and rearranges the tune with sizzling pads and an all-around warmth, shuffle, and bounce, which he’s managed to bring to more than a few R&B tunes as of late.

Dancing In Slow Motion (Brenmar Remix)