Incandescent is the latest EP from young UK producer Daniel Ruane, released earlier this month on The Silent Howl. Hailing from Manchester, Ruane specializes in beautifully textured, atmospheric music—ambient-tinged, off-kilter techno cuts that fall in line with artists like Trentemoller and Headless Horseman. Incandescent will be Ruane’s third release for the UK-based imprint and is inspired by dreams and a recurring nightmare.

Following the release of Incandescent, Ruane set up his most extensive live setup to date and recorded a live version of EP cut “Codon,” as he explains:

“To re-create this piece live, yet succeed in taking it further from its original form, I decided to add another modular bass synth to the setup. The idea was to take the original to an even more euphoric zone.

The difficulty was managing the largest live setup that I’ve created to date for the first time with the addition of the synth, as I also had Ableton/controllers processing half of the sounds from one set of outputs and my Kaoss pad processing the other half.

On top of this, some sounds are cross routed from the synth to the Kaoss pad to Ableton and everywhere in between.”

Ruane’s live version of “Codon” is being offered as today’s XLR8R download and can be grabbed via WeTransfer below, with the full EP available via The Silent Howl’s Bandcamp page.

Codon (Live Version)