After their studio was broken into a few weeks ago, Dark Sky tried to make a “positive from a negative” by releasing a collection of tracks they managed to salvage from their unreleased back catalog. The album Lossless is now available as a free download and stream; while a previously unshared track—”Tundra”—is also available to download via the WeTransfer button below.

“Having our work stolen was hard to come to terms with, but has been made much more bearable thanks to all the support we’ve received from everyone. We hoped that one day we’d get to release this music officially, so to offer this download as a token of our appreciation despite the circumstances is a little dream come true for us. If the robbers happen to be reading this we’d like them to know the creation of artwork and one’s right to express themselves should never be taken away or discouraged. The investigation is ongoing and we remain hopeful. Once again, thank you to everyone for the support.”— Dark Sky

Grab the album here.