In the past 13 years, self-described male model and drug enthusiast, Darren Keen, has been musically characterized as everything from “spazz-punk” to “extinction juke.” Through his former aliases and multiple music projects such as The Show is the Rainbow and Touch People, Darren has become known as somewhat of a guru in the Midwest, springing from his fountain numerous derivatives and unmeasurable coat-tail riders. If you were looking for a guidebook to keeping it really fucking weird in the Midwest, you let Darren Keen take you under his stinky wing. Being a leader is tough though, because you have to constantly guide yourself and the people around you into uncomfortable and unknown directions, and most people go kicking and screaming. Thank God this has not detoured Darren in his efforts to continually pursue music styles that fit his personality, and that constantly show his passion for African polyrhythms and footwork. His latest album, He’s Not Real, came out on August 28 on Orange Milk Records, and only further proves that Darren is a top-tier artist in the juke and progressive bass scene. Today, Darren is offering up a free download of “Everybody Funk,” a future juke and footwork track that is just as dirty as it is satisfying. If you are not breaking your neck to this track by the time the 1:13 mark rolls around, there won’t be much I can do for you because I will already be in a neck halo due to severe spinal cord injury.

Everybody Funk