Music lover before synth fanatic, Darse approached the DJing world at the age of 13 after “living an experience from which he felt the need to share it with the world.”

At the age of 16, he began to play techno music in Insomnia, one of the most famous clubs in Italy, but he realized very soon that he was more attracted by the world of production. He then left the clubbing world behind and started working for six years in his studio. He also developed a strong passion for other electronic music, building himself effects pedals, modules for his modular system, and a little instrument “similar to a piano.” His production processes also encompass sounds originating from nature and “everything that surrounds him.”

These cinematic atmospheres and dark pads are present in both his productions and his DJ sets. Indeed, the latter is “significantly influenced” by the sounds that he develops in his studio during the production stage.

He marked his debut in 2015 with his first release on the BeFree label, following this up with a remix of Love Over Entropy & Rudy—”an important springboard,” he says. After that, he started to collaborate with the Aquiver duo for the Amidst Many Faces EP released on Ardor Records, and then with Il Tempio Degli Illuminati on Ellora.

The next offering from Darse will be a more dancefloor-orientated track on the Afterlife’sRealm Of Consciousness Pt.II compilation, to be released on June 16.

Now, however, he is sharing “Ruin” as one today’s free downloads. The track “represents a life period where everything seemed to lead to failure and destruction.” It is described as “the victory of people that never back down in spite of everything,” and was produced using sounds of nature with the help of a fountain, a piece of paper, and Darse’s recorder.

Download Ruin