Das SPEZIAL is a new project launched in 2019 that fuses the sound of house, techno, breakbeat, and indie to produce a psychedelic and electronic experience. The artist behind the alias is unknown. 

This second EP comes hot on the heels of a first and has already been supported by artists like Ewan Pearson, Justin Robertson, Red Axes, Perel, and Psychemagik.

It features six tracks that are fun and original, such as the languid opener with its psyched-out guitar licks and rugged dark disco drums. Elsewhere there is freaky synth-heavy house, big breaks with pads that will fry your brain, and twisted electronica with electrifying effects and sound design. All six tracks are high impact affairs designed to bring chaos to the club. 

Battle Weapons lands June 1, with opener “Battle Weapons 1” available for free download via the WeTransfer button below, or here for EU readers due to temporary GDPR restrictions. 


01. Spezial—Battle Weapons 1 

02. Spezial—Battle Weapons 2 

03. Spezial—Battle Weapons 3 

04. Spezial—Battle Weapons 4 

05. Spezial—Battle Weapons 5 

06. Spezial—Battle Weapons 6